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Introduction by the Association President

As President of the Airborne Engineers Association I would like to welcome all visitors to our new web site, and I hope you find it not only of interest, but informative as well. This year the Association is celebrating its 20th anniversary and continues to maintain an important link for all former and serving members of the Airborne Forces who were, and are, privileged not only to wear the red beret but the Corps badge as well.

Visitors to our new web site
The web site will give you a full overview of the Association, including past, present and future activities and the Guest Book provides a good way of contacting Airborne friends, old and new.

John Lee  Lt Col (Ret’d )
President, Airborne Engineers Association

Message From The Association Chairman

As I have been in the chair (so to speak) for just over 2 years, I thought it was time to update my welcome message.

I retired from the Army over four years ago having completed 39 years’ service as a man and boy soldier, finishing up back “home” in Aldershot as the Garrison Sergeant Major.  My main career within the Corps was as a Cbt Engr and my first Fd Sqn was 12 (Nova Scotia) in Osnabrucke, who were until recently part of the Regiment.  I did not like sitting in APC’s spending every spare minute of the day servicing and maintaining “Battle Taxis”.  Thankfully, there were a few ex-members of 9 Indep Para Sqn around to give me an “escape plan” and off I went to selection.

It pleases me immensely that our Corps saw fit to form an Air Assault Regiment, with additional Squadrons being converted into military parachuting roles.  Especially, as way back in the late 70’s we were very nearly disbanded totally as paratroopers!  Unfortunately the MoD saw fit to disband one of the Sqn’s in their restructure plans, therefore the Regiment is now slightly smaller, but still a very potent fighting force.  I have heard from many friends within the Army, the excellent work and professionalism 23 Engr Regt (Air Assault) has provided to their own units, especially during Operational Tours.  Well done to all ranks in the Regiment.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of our Executive and Branch Committees’ for the sterling work they all carry out, on behalf of the Association.  They have not forgotten that the Association is here to foster friendships, re-unions, and provide assistance to those in need as well as attending important historical events within our Airborne Family.

J.J. Ferry

Airborne Engineers Association Recruitment Poster

As at 28th Oct 2013 total membership past and present 1,455

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