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Site News - Updated 4th December 2020

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Listed below are details of recent site updates

Home Page

30th November Added latest updates from our President and Chairman
1st November Added text to the welcome message pointing visitors towards the Site News page for a snapshot of updates
  Removed Facebook and Twitter links for 9 Para Sqn RE & 23 Para Engr Regt from all site pages, they are now available via the links page
  Added link to a newly created "Cromwell Lock Memorial" page

Contact Page

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1st December Added Branch news for Aldershot, Birmingham, Chatham, Wales & West and Scotland
1st November Added a Branch update from Gus Hales, Chairman of the Wales & West Branch

Members Only - Access via user specific login

4th December 4 further 2012 articles added. Article titles in white will be added over the next couple of days
3rd December 7 further 2012 articles added.
2nd December Added more content to the article titled "A Chapter in my Life's History"
21st November 1 further 2012 article added
4th November 10 articles from the 2012 Journal were already in place, added 1 further article
3rd November Added Minutes of AGM and Statement of Accounts
31st October The final 3 2011 articles added. Will get to work on 2012 articles soon
30th October 2 further 2011 articles added
29th October 1 further 2011 article added
27th October 3 further 2011 articles added
24th October 3 further 2011 articles added, including photos from the AGM & Reunion
18th October 1 further 2011 article added
13th October 2 further 2011 articles added

Shop Page

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4th November Added 1 more photo to the 40s, 50s & 60s gallery and 2 more to the 2010s gallery
2nd November Added 4 more photos to 2010s gallery
18th October Added 1 more photo to the 40s, 50s & 60s gallery
16th September Added 5 more photos to the 2010s gallery
2nd September Added 2 more photos to 40s, 50s & 60s gallery, 2 new photos to the 70s & 80s gallery and 1 new photo to the 2010s gallery
25th August Added more photos to the 2010s gallery
23rd August Added more photos to the 2010s gallery


  • Added links to 3 new you tube videos
    1. The significance of the British Airborne Beret
    2. 80 Years of British Airborne Forces
    3. Paratrooper Song

Roll of Honour

30th November Added obituaries for Eric Richards, Mike Pallott, 'Dusty' De Ste Croix, Jim Farrier and Paul Ratcliffe. Also, added more content to Freddie Kemp's obituary
4th November Added a photo of Jim Middlemas to the Roll of Honour index page
29th October Added a Tribute to Jimmy Wilson MM
  Added Freddie Kemp's obituary
13th September Added a link from Neil Westbrook's obituary to an article paying tribute to Neil, which was writen by Ronnie Hadden
1st September Added obituary for Major John Chappel
25th August Added photographs and extensive information regarding Vincent Brimble
23rd August Added Dot Rudd's obituary to Bill Rudd's page and included Dot's name on the Roll of Honour index
NOTE FOR INFO The Roll of Honour index includes a PDF file list of the Airborne Engineers Roll of Honour from WW2 to the present date. It is intended to create separate web pages each of those listed in the Roll of Honour and add them to the alphabetic index currently in place. The page content for most of these individuals will be very brief but at least their names will be listed and not hidden away in the PDF file. It will be a fairly simple but time consuming exercise to perform so bear with me, it will be worth it. I have one more pressing site admin task to carry out before I address the update to the Roll of Honour, namely, creating pages for all AEA Journal articles in the Members Only section of the site, I'm well on the way, it's another of those simple but time consuming exercises.

Message Board & Forums

  • 28th September - The Message Board & Forums have been removed from our site

Join the AEA

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About Us

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  • Added link to the Fighting Ninth, 9 Para Sqn RE private Facebook group
  • Added link to the 23 Para Engr Regt Facebook group
  • Added link to the 23 Para Engr Regt Twitter group




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